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Transform Your Thoughts
Quit Your Addiction

Learn the keys to quit porn 
with the free 8-page guidebook

+ Receive tips, guidance & resources for porn addiction recovery

Learn How to Stop Watching Porn

Overcome Porn Addiction Using the Power of Faith & Psychology

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 Audio Lessons  that retrain the mind so you can overcome addiction 

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Written Exercises that help you understand addiction & find long-term solutions for recovery

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Guided Meditations & Prayers that help you reshape thought patterns & deepen connection to God

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15-30 minutes/day

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No More Desire  Podcast

Porn Addiction Recovery

Hi, I'm Jake Kastleman.
I teach men how to quit porn, retrain their mind & realize their full potential.

At the age of 21, I was living far below my potential. I was anxious, depressed, angry, had few friends and even fewer dating prospects. At my core, I was a good person. I wanted to do what was right. But it felt like my addictions ruled my life and constantly led me to do things I regretted. No matter how good my intentions were I could never seem to live up to them.


I wasn't addicted because I was weak, lazy, or a bad person. Nor are you. I was addicted because I was in pain. I was addicted because it was the best solution my pained mind could come up with. Addiction was only a symptom of the real troubles in my life.

Though it may differ from popular opinion, I don't believe addiction is "bad". I believe it is simply an outward sign of inward suffering. It shows us things need to change. Without it, we would not know a shift is needed. It was because of my years of addiction that I learned to dig deep, connect with God & make some real changes. 


Years of living porn addiction recovery, with God as my constant companion, has led me to create a pornography addiction recovery curriculum called No More Desire™. It comes from years of living recovery and ancient teachings of both Eastern and Western Faiths. It's what I've used to get rid of porn addiction, experiencing sobriety for nearly 8 years now. No More Desire™  skips the symptoms of addiction and reveals the true origins of addiction, teaching you to overcome them step-by-step.


When you follow my 20-week program, the same sobriety that I have - and far more - can be yours, my friend. I believe you will experience peace again and embrace the life that an all-loving God has in store for you. I'll show you how.

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