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Stop Porn Addiction

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Retrain the mind. Transform mental health. 

Connect with God.

My Approach to Porn Addiction Recovery

Overcoming addiction is about more than just abstinence. That's good, but it's not enough. To live a life that is not only clean, but filled with joy, requires changing the underlying thought patterns and beliefs that led to addiction in the first place. Change these thought patterns and beliefs, and new, healthy habits come easier and the desire for addiction begins to fade. 

Through my studies in psychology, working with addicts one-on-one, and my own personal recovery, I've developed a unique system that combines the cognitive-behavioral strategies of psychology with the wisdom of Eastern & Western Faiths. It's called No More Desire™.

Through lessons, reflections, and meditations, I teach you to stop focusing on the addiction itself and move straight into retraining the mind and connecting deeply with God, so you can cut pornography addiction off at its source. 


My goal is to teach you not only to get rid of your porn addiction, but to give you tools to find true joy and meaning, as you learn how to undo mental and emotional pain, move through fears, and discover a deep sense of self-worth. 


No More Desire™  helps you overcome porn cravings, step into freedom, and do more good in the world.

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Learn the keys to quit porn 
with the free 8-page guidebook

+ Receive tips, guidance & resources for porn addiction recovery

My Addiction Recovery

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I've been sober for 8 years. I'll teach you to do the same, my friend.

Hi, I'm Jake Kastleman. I struggled with porn addiction for 10 years. Like many addicts, porn addiction wasn't the only challenge I battled. I had chronic anxiety, depression, anger issues, perfectionism, and I struggled to connect with others and God. Even after I quit porn, I continued to crave it almost non-stop, and my "addictive personality" kept jumping from one behavior to another. Perhaps you know what this is like...

Earning my University Degree in Psychology helped me understand the brain and what makes it tick. I started to see there were methods that could address not only my cravings for pornography, but my other mental health challenges as well. I saw that my "addictive personality" wasn't simply a built-in characteristic, but something I could change. 


Through my work with addicts one-on-one and my own personal recovery, I came to understand that the same things driving my addictions were also driving my mental health issues. 


This led me to create the No More Desire™  Porn Addiction Recovery Curriculum, a 20-week program that helps you reshape thought patterns & connect more deeply with God. It integrates teachings of psychology and faith, giving you daily, 15-30 minute practices to break free of porn long-term. I believe No More Desire™  will not only help you overcome addiction but step into greater peace and joy overall.

If you only knew your limitless worth & God's unconditional love for you and all people, every ounce of pain you have would disappear in this moment.
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