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Overcome Porn Addiction Using Teachings of Faith & Psychology

Reshape thought patterns & change mental habits using daily practices that improve emotional well-being. Naturally lose your desire for porn.

20 Lessons

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Learn the spiritual & psychological answers to break free of porn addiction.

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What You'll Learn in the Addiction Recovery Lessons...

How to stop watching porn long-term

See porn cravings coming so you can avoid them

Replace negative thoughts & improve mental health

5 mental strategies that curb porn cravings

5 beliefs that FREE you from the roots of addiction

How to naturally increase mood & motivation

Deepen your relationship with God

40 Written Exercises

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Discover the root causes of porn addiction & create step-by-step plans so you can overcome them.  

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What You'll Learn in the Exercises...

How to ask strong questions & get to the root of addiction

Why you keep coming back to addiction & how to stop

Increase emotional & spiritual well-being

See the world in a healthier way

60 Guided Meditations & Prayers

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Get the benefits of both prayer and meditation 15-20 minutes, 3 times/ week. Overcome negative thinking patterns, improve mental health & connect with God. 

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What You'll Learn in the Prayers/Meditations...

Rewire the brain so your porn cravings decrease

Stop objectifying others so you can form loving relationships

Increase your sense of meaning & purpose to drive long-term sobriety

Develop a stronger connection with God 

Increase confidence & motivation

Train your mind to let go of fear & anxiety

Learn to face challenges with more positivity

Decrease perfectionism & obsessive thinking

What Does the Online Course Include?

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5 months to quit porn
15-30 minutes/day, 6 days per week

  • 20 Audio Lessons: 9+ hours of audio that deepens understanding & retrains the mind so you can overcome porn addiction

  • 40 Written Exercises:  Understand addiction & find solutions for long-lasting recovery

  • 60 Guided Prayers / Meditations: 16+ hours of audio that helps you reshape thought patterns and deepen your connection to God so you can leave addiction behind

  • Private Online Community: Get access to the private group when you sign up. Get and give support, question & answer sessions, and additional resources shared weekly

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How is the Course Structured?

Access the course via online portal on desktop or mobile. Download & work your recovery anywhere.

Complete just one 15-30 minute exercise per day (with one day off per week).

6 exercises total per week: 

  • 1 audio lesson

  • 2 written exercises

  • 3 guided meditations/prayers

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Why I created the No More Desire™  
Porn Addiction Recovery Course

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Hey, my friend. I'm Jake Kastleman. I was addicted to porn 10 years. After years of trial and error, slips, relapses​, and even living a miserable life when I was sober, I was in need of a better way to quit porn and stay clean.


Brain science and other mainstream forms of thought were helpful, but they couldn't tell me how to live sober in a sustainable, joyful way. I was tired of fighting cravings, tired of barely managing to stay sober, and tired of dealing with all the same issues I did before my addiction started. I knew there had to be a better way.

That took me on a 12 year journey of discovery. I found answers to my pain through ancient wisdom of Eastern and Western faiths including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Taoism, as well as through modern day spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle. Most of all, I found it through the inspiration of God's peace and goodness within. 


I began doing what I call Alignment Meditation, a God-centered meditation that retrains the mind, which brought me peace and ease in recovery. By practicing these meditations each day, I started to experience days wrapped up in more peace, confidence, and purpose  than I had ever felt before. I came to understand eternal truths; truths that could not only free me of addiction, but remove my desire for it over time.


I felt truly stable and capable for the first time in my entire life. I was tapping into a power I never knew I had access to; one that is shared between all beings, if we only know how to align with it. 

The No More Desire™   Porn Addiction Recovery Course is a culmination of everything I have learned over the last 12 years, all wrapped into 20 weeks of intensively spiritual and transformative lessons, reflections & meditations. 

No More Desire™   does not help you simply quit porn. It shows you how to lose your desire for it in the long-run. It walks you through a step-by-step process to retrain your mind and realize your full potential. Then, you will no longer need addiction.

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Focusing on stopping the addictive behavior doesn't lead to long-term recovery. Instead, come to understand the reasons for your mental/emotional pain. Then, fill your life with as much light as possible. Do this long enough, and eventually you'll no longer crave porn.

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